St. Lucia is a small, lush tropical gem that is still relatively unknown. One of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, it is located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, and north of Barbados. St. Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. The island offers everything from lounging on the beach, hiking a dormant volcano, or splashing around in mineral springs. St. Lucia is a mountainous island with rain forests, magnificent waterfalls and abundant wild orchids, giant ferns, and tropical birds.  Of course, the island also possesses excellent facilities for golf, tennis, sailing, and a host of other leisure pursuits.  

St. Lucia Quick Facts

Language: English is the official language.

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the country’s currency, but also the US Dollar and the Euro are widely accepted.

Electricity: 220V

Passport/Immigration: All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from St. Lucia.

Drinking Water: Drink only bottled or boiled water.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)

Peak Season: Mid-December – mid-April


  High* Low* Precip.*
January 82°F 76°F 5 in.
February 82°F 76°F 3 in.
March 83°F 77°F 3 in.
April 84°F 78°F 4 in.
May 86°F 80°F 5 in.
June 85°F 81°F 7.5 in.
July 85°F 50°F 10 in.
August 86°F 80°F 10 in.
September 86°F 80°F 10 in.
October 86°F 79°F 12 in.
November 84°F 79°F 11 in.
December 83°F 77°F 6 in.

*Historical averages.

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