Intoxicating natural beauty, sunny skies, warm waters, and white sandy beaches combine to make St. Kitts one of the most seductive spots in the Caribbean. Christopher Columbus first spotted St. Kitts in 1493, when it was populated with native tribes, but the Europeans didn't colonize until the British arrived in 1623. Its strategic location and valuable sugar trade led to an advanced and luxurious development that was among the best in the Colonial Caribbean.

St. Kitts is located in the eastern Caribbean and is the larger of a two-island nation. It is filled with historic charm, tropical rainforests and unspoiled beaches. It’s a tropical wonderland where you can hike a volcano, dive in new and untouched sites and sail around the island. St. Kitts isn’t packed with big resorts and no matter where you find yourself on the island, you can't miss the massive 3,792 ft. dormant volcano, Mt. Liamuiga.

Of all the English colonies in the Caribbean, St. Kitts was the oldest and wealthiest yielding a fortune in sugar and rum for its wealthy, mostly absentee, landholders. The sugar plantations and mills can be found throughout the island as a reminder of rich cultural past.  

St. Kitts Quick Facts

Language: English is the official language.

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar and US Bills are accepted by most stores (no coins).

Electricity: 110 volts.

Passport/Immigration: All U.S. citizens must have a valid passport when traveling to and from Nevis.

Drinking Water: Drink only bottled or boiled water.

Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC/GMT -4 hours)

Peak Season: mid-December – mid-April


  High* Low* Precip.*
January 81°F 75°F 3.6 in.
February 81°F 75°F 1.9 in.
March 82°F 75°F 2.2 in.
April 83°F 76°F 2.4 in.
May 85°F 78°F 3.5 in.
June 87°F 79°F 3.4 in.
July 87°F 79°F 4.5 in.
August 88°F 79°F 5.2 in.
September 88°F 79°F 5.6 in.
October 87°F 78°F 4.9 in.
November 85°F 77°F 5.2 in.
December 82°F 76°F 3.6 in.

*Historical averages.

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