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The FeteBookit.com team will review your event within 48 hours of your submission.

  • Event must drive travel & tourism to the hosting destination
  • Event must create the Ultimate Experience
  • Event organizer must offer promotion deals for inclusion with event's travel packages

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At this time, we do not post events held in the island nation of Cuba, however we are working on this and will be listing Cuba events in the near future.

While we review events in an effort to ensure those posted are appropriate for tourists in general, we do not verify or guarantee claims, descriptions, prices, dates, locations or photos provided by event organizers and do not accept liability for such claims. If you find an event is not as described, please contact us by emailing info@fetebookit.com with your contact information and a complete explanation of your complaint and supportive documentation. We will investigate and remove the event, if it does not appear to be accurately represented.

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