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Finding My Booking

In the ‘Search My Booking’ box, type your booking reference number in the ‘Reference Number’ field on the page. Your reference number was sent to you in an email after your booking was confirmed. Click the ‘Find It’ button to retrieve your booking details.

NOTE: The reference number and the last name on your account should match in order to validate.

The booking partially paid (deposit): On this page you’ll find the remaining balance and the payment due date. Click on the ‘Pay Now’ button to proceed to make a payment.

Step 1 - Payment information: Complete the checkout / booking form with your payment method and billing information. The head of your reservation [JV1] information will automatically be filled based on your current booking information. Click ‘Continue’ to to proceed to the final step

Step 2 - The confirmation pageHere you will check and confirm all of your billing and payment method information. If all is correct, click the ‘Fete Book It’ button to process the payment.

After payment is finalized, you will be brought to our booking payment success page and an email with your booking / transaction confirmation will be sent to you via the email address that is registered on your account. Please be sure that you have typed your email address correctly or you will not receive a confirmation.

Security Note: Our booking process is secured by our SSL 256 encrypted connection. Prior to submitting any billing information, you can verify that you are protected by looking at the bottom, left hand side of the ordering process page for our SSL Seal.

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